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CAASA - Travel, live and engage

The story of CAASA

Created with a vision to develop outstanding hospitality concepts CAASA is a fresh take on the way people travel, live and engage. Whilst helping to solve the ever growing housing and social issues that occur across the world’s major cities our goal is to create flexible, affordable and empowering environments for open-minded people from around the world.

The journey of our company started with the creation of the brand name that was supposed to represent our vision of unique travel experiences. We came up with CAASA as it reminds us of both, the unlimited opportunities when exploring the world and the precious moments that will be stuck in our memory forever. Just listen to the sound of CAASA and think of this true gratitude when arriving at a beautiful destination that will make your onboarding in an unknown place really smooth.

Reminisce the unique feeling when waking up from a cozy nap in your new favorite spot at noon, feeling refreshed and rooted in a place that has been foreign to you just a few weeks back. Or imagine you assure your new cherished travel acquaintance to reconnect in a different time and place by saying ‘see you soon!’. Whatever you are imagining when you hear CAASA, we hope it makes you feel inspired, confident and safe.

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